Bio Camp Plate

Art.nr: 1115/BIO

MSRP 4.9 €

  • Material: Bioplastic
  • Diameter: 22.5 cm

Product description

A classic camping plate that is completely plant-based. It is made from sugarcane and wood fibers. It has no color additives but has its natural wood brown color. We manufacture the kuksa in Sweden.

Materials and environment

Natural material reinforced with wood fiber, made from sugar cane. Green PE has very good processability and also good durability
and properties like other plastic products. We like that the product is durable and lasts a lifetime.

The fact that the material is made from renewable raw material means that the product has less impact on the greenhouse effect compared to a “normal” plastic product.

Of course, the material is safe to use, i.e. does not contain dangerous substances that can affect your health.

But keep in mind that the material has a long decomposition time and therefore must not be thrown into nature.

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